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What to do with left over Thanksgiving turkey?

Here's what I'm doing in my kitchen tonight. I'm turning left-over Thanksgiving turkey into chili. It's really simple with my Nosh Cookbook. (shameless plug). <cough> (stocking stuffer).

Now since my parents were in Cuba cruising with Castro during the holiday, we spent Thanksgiving together just the four of us. We had a huge turkey (30 lb), and a freezer full of leftovers. Shannon froze some away, and I grabbed one of the Tupperware containers down tonight to make some scrumptious turkey chili for dinner. I took about 3-4 lbs down and stuck it in a large pot and mixed it with approximately 2 batches of the Chuck Wagon Chili recipe in the book:

(This is approximately a double batch from the book, cut in half for 2 lbs of turkey or less)

3-4 pounds of leftover Thanksgiving turkey28 oz can of crushed tomatoes28 oz can of water2 tablespoon white vinegar1 fresh diced onion6 tablespoons chili powder4 teaspoons salt2 teaspoon paprika2 teaspoon of cumin2 teas…