How to make an edible bowl from cheese.

Want something unique to plate your pasta, perhaps a taco salad, or maybe just a regular garden salad? Try making your own edible cheese bowl by frying, forming, and cooling cheese into a crispy and edible dish. The recipe became very popular after Anthony Bourdain's Rome episode at Roma Sparta, where Cacio e Pepe (pasta) was served in a similar edible cheese bowl.

The follow instructable was shared with me by an individual with the username A. Person, in response to a comment left by Jamy who says "I love to fry cheese in a pan like that".

Me too. If you fry cheese in a small pan and then carefully lift it out with a spatula and lay it over a bowl as a mold, you can make a crispy edible salad bowl to impress your dinner guests

Grate cheese and load the pan.

Fry until the cheese spreads to fill the pan and the fat separates.

Carefully lift the cheese cookie and mold over bowl.
The important thing is just to do the molding quickly.

When it's cooled, turn over.

Finally, fill with salad and chorizo.
Not a terribly inspiring salad, but you get the idea. It goes nicely with mayo rather than dressing.

*Certain images courtesy of A. Person.

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