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Favorite foreign candy bar and other non-American Nosh.

I find it extremely odd, that in the world's superpower, Americans are living their lives void of some of the world's best foods:

From France and Belgium, Lu's petit Ecolier, "little school child", taste just like Smores to me minus the marshmallow, but are oh so good. I technically have wanted to try and stick a marshmallow on them, but haven't done it yet.

Aero bars, from the UK, are my favorite. I can find them at World Market here in the US, and they're very popular. They're named Aero due to the bubbles in the bar that are said to aid digestion and the taste. Interesting factoid, car manufacturers looked at the Aero bar and was able to manufacture car parts using the same Aero method to make the parts lighter, thereby making the vehicle more fuel efficient. I couldn't care as long as I still can get a hold of my Aero bars. It's the best candy bar ever!

Then there's Poutine (click link for video). French fries covered in gravy and cheese …