Cheese Stuffed Meat Ball Recipe

Having completed another semester from college, and months of physical education class, carefully watching what I ate- we decided to celebrate by frying up some stuffed jalapeƱos and rellenos to celebrate. Having some leftover sausage and cheese that we decided not to let go to waste, this is when we accidentally stumbled upon something wonderful. Deep fried, cheese stuffed meatballs. This isn't the healthiest recipe I ever published, but then what's the point in living if you can't occasional experience taste nirvana?

Cheese (I like extra sharp.)
Ground Sausage
Flour (and/or breading)
Oil for frying
It's a rather simple process. Shred your cheese and mix in a bowl with the ground sausage. Form meatballs with your hand, then coat in egg, then flour and fry over a medium-high heat.

We ended up making meatball sandwiches with some grilled onions and mushrooms too, but just by themselves the meatballs rival any I've ever had.

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