How To Make Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza

Lads! The time has come to eat our pizza crust first!
I remember the first time I ever heard about stuffed crust pizza. It was 1995, and Ringo Star, the English drummer for the Beatles on a Pizza Hut commercial was advising the world we could now begin eating our pizza backwards because of the latest innovation: stuff crust pizza.

The interesting thing I think many have failed to realize about Pizza Hut's eureka moment with this pizza, and one that food historians will undoubtedly recognize as monumental, is that stuffed crust pizza, for the first time, combined the qualities of the Chicago deep dish with the taste of the New York style crust variety. Somewhere in Detroit, they got together and created this: the stuff crust pizza.

While my pictorial below will illustrate the technique using mozzarella cheese, I'll let you in on a secret, you can use any cheese. From Bruges cheese, to Gruyere, to sharp black label cheddar, or to your heart's desire; this doesn't have to be a clone of the delivery pizza. I'll also often when feeling adventurous, add a shot or two of vodka into the marinara for a wonderful new flavor that makes the ordinary- extraordinary, just like when Pizza Hut did the same for pizza lovers everywhere, two decades earlier.

So first you need to obtain two recipes:

  1. The pizza dough recipe.
  2. The marinara recipe.

1) Grab your dough and your baking sheet.
2) Lightly spray your sheet with olive oil, and sprinkle with corn meal.

3) Spin your dough and work the pizza.

4) Grab some cheese.

5) Cut the cheese and arrange cheese chunks in a circular fashion.

6) Add a circular ring of pepperoni to the pizza.

7) Fold the dough over on itself, and seal the edges together with your fingers.

8) Now work the dough again from the center - out to enlarge the pizza.

9) Now we add our sauce. Some people add the cheese first... you decide.

10) Now the rest of cheese.

11) ...and the pepperoni...

12) ...and the ham...

13) the black olives....

14) ...and finally the green peppers and onions....

15) Bake in the oven for about 10-12 minutes at a preheated 500 F.

16) Melt some butter and garlic powder, and paint the crust. (not shown)

17. (not shown) Sprinkle the buttered crust with Parmesan cheese.

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