The Ultimate Grilled Cheese - The French "Crunch" Recipe

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Recipe
So there's this rather handsome French gentleman at the Borough Market in London who makes these gorgeous grilled cheese sandwiches. He's usually rather hidden off in the alley, but he always draws a crowd and there's always a line. People stand around and watch him create these monstrosities of cheese from blocks of Gruyere and butter. I've never seen anything like it until I went to France, where I learned the sandwich market is a staple of everyday life in Paris. From croque madams (croque meaning to crunch) with its butter, eggs, ham and Gruyere at breakfast to the tourist attraction of American appetites: Le Americain with it's French fry filled and hamburger extravaganza, it's hard to find anywhere on earth that loves these three ingredients: bread, butter and cheese, more than the French.
French butter for frying.

I decided one night to embark upon a re-creation of the Frenchs' ultimate grilled cheese, and can tell you this simple sandwich is a deception of crispy melted buttery goodness. It's so much more: it's food reduced to its perfection core.

 In subsequent attempts I also buttered the top of the bread and melted additional cheese to the lids of the baguettes. So grab some French wine, a little French cinema, and make one of these for your next romantic evening. It's a simple joy that is definitely one of the world's best, and ultimate grilled cheeses:

The French "Crunch" Recipe

  • Butter (French butter is better.)
  • A baguette.
  • Cheese. (Gruyere, or another very sharp cheese)


Croque fromage?
  1. Take a generous portion of butter and melt it in the bottom of a frying pan on medium high heat. (7/10 mark).
  2. Add chunked slices of cheese onto the bottom of the pan and fry until melted and it begins to crisp.
  3. Spatula the cheese from the bottom of the pan and place onto the baguette. Poor cheesy butter over-top. Brush the tops of the baguette and place additional cheese on top.
  4. Add a bit of garlic salt if you please, and warm the baguette in the oven at about 375F for about 6 minutes.

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