Knorr Aromat in America?

I get a little upset when I realize there's some product that is supposedly "really darn good" that most of the rest of the world is familiar with, but I can't have because I live in America. Spent nearly 3 weeks tracking down something called Knorr Aromat as it was a part of my "recipe research" and I believed it was a part of a recipe I was trying to clone. It wasn't, but in the process, I did find out that this is an amazing seasoning. It's called Knorr Aromat, and from many of the reviews online, apparently most of Europe, especially Sweden and Germany, pour this stuff on every food they can imagine. Why do we not have it in America if it's so good? I had to try it for myself.

So I started looking locally. Food Lion, Harris Teeters, even World Market. Couldn't find it. Then I looked it up online. Found tons of retailers supposedly selling it, but when you went to check out, it would say "out of stock". Even went so far to place an order, then got an email a few days later saying they couldn't get it, and none of their vendors could either. I was perplexed. Finally I hit success a few days ago with these guys, a caffeinated mint company that also imports other products. I got the package today and they even sent me a sample of their mints, so I was so chuffed!

If you're interested in trying Knorr Aromat, it's only $8.99 and here's the link I ordered it from.

I immediately opened it and it smelled sort of like French Onion soup, potato chips, and all-season salt. Decided to try it on a burrito and it was really, really good. It wasn't what I was looking for, for my recipe, but I can see how addictive this stuff is. With my minuscule experience with the product it appears to turn everything from vegetables to meat into a rich aromatic McDonald's French Fry taste. In fact, I bet it's killer on potatoes. Give Knorr's Aromat a try if you're looking for a new way to cook or impress yourself.

So why can't we have it in America?

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