Neese's Sausage Chili Sandwich.

Neese's Sausage Chili Sandwich
If you're not familiar with Neese's Sausage you probably didn't grow up in North Carolina. A company based out of Guilford County, which since 1917, delivers their sausage fresh, unfrozen to the market in square blocks, wrapped in wax paper. One of my favorite ways to use Neese's Sausage, or any sausage for that matter is to make chili breakfast sandwiches with it. "Chili!?" You exclaim! Yes Chili. Neese's Sausage chili sandwiches. Maybe even with a few Mount Olive (another North Carolina favorite) dill pickles on top! That's eating local.

You see, another staple of the south is the chili-burger. "All the way," is southern speak for "mustard, chili, and onions." So the question is, considering these two epic southern food are a part of the culture and life here in the south, why weren't they ever combined?  Let's fix that:

I was drooling at this point.

First, get some chili. I recommend this one. (It's easy just to toss some up in the freezer after your last barbecue.

  • toasted English muffins
  • Neese's hot sausage
  • fried eggs
  • cheese slices.
  • dill pickles
  • chopped onions
  • sliced tomatoes

  1. Grill sausage into pork cookies, fry eggs and warm the chili.

  1. Assemble by adding a generous proportion of chili on to the top of the muffin, top with cheese pickle, onion, and tomatoes.

For the record, Neese's Sausage sandwiches make the perfect hang-over cure.

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