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Home-made Garlic and Parmesan Croutons

So if you weren't aware of it already, I'm a bit infatuated with baguettes. As fate would have it, during exams, my normal baker's dozen baguette recipe sat unused on the baking rack. That never happens. Rather than throw it out, I decided to make the stale bread into crispy, gourmet, home-made croutons. Cost me nothing, and they came out delicious.

Now of course you can, use any bread, or even make a smaller batch of this same recipe I'm posting below. In fact this exact same recipe appears here, if a dozen or so baguettes seems too much. On the other hand, you can make a few for tonight fresh, and sit the rest out for croutons in a few days. Your choice.

So first step, get some bread. I made my crouton's from this recipe a few days prior:

Baker's Dozen Baguettes

one 5lb bag of bread flour6 1/4 cup water1 Tablespoon of salt1/4 cup + 1.5 teaspoon yeastMethod: Follow the directions here, (you will need a very large bowl for this mix) and bake at 450F. If using th…

Mince Pie Recipe To Ring In The New Year.

Last night as we were swashbuckling in the last hours of the year waiting for 2012, we enjoyed some festive treats: mince pies. It's another traditional English comfort-food that has a long history attached to it. From the king of England's favorite food, to prohibition in America which almost caused its extinction stateside, mince pies are a nostalgic traditional treat. We had some pre-packaged imported ones on Christmas, and afterwords Shannon became so infatuated she decided we had to have them for New Years. Rightfully so too, because I wasn't fond of the store bought Christmas mince pies, but I just had a taste of these homemade ones, and absolutely fell in love. There's still time if you get baking now to enjoy a mince pie on New Years day!

English Mince Pies RecipeFilling:
5 small Gala apples diced.
1 12 oz bad of dried apricots.
8 oz of Golden Raisins
1 cup of hazelnuts, chopped and crushed
Zest of 1 orange
2 shots of vanilla rum
8 oz of brown sugar
4 oz of but…