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Taco Bell "Pizzazz" Mexican Pizza

When I was little, my grandmother would take me to the Taco Bell in Oregon, Ohio. My favorite thing on the menu was something called a Pizzazz pizza. This was before talking chihuauas, fire sauce, or value meals. We'd roll up in our land yacht, drop a huge fiver on lunch (getting three dollars back) and chow down into a double-stacked tostada of Mexican-food-confusion. Is it an Italian pizza or is it Mexican food? Some individuals would be quick to point out, that there's no pizza in Mexican food, but the truth is, they'd be wrong. It's called a(n) (open face) Tlayuda (sometimes spelled Clayuda), and they're popular in southern Mexico. (Oaxaca) Just like Taco Bell's Americanized Mexican pizza they're topped with salsa, cheese and various toppings depending on the region (cabbage, chorizo, grasshoppers). They're a popular snack food that found its way into American palettes when the fast-food taco giant attempted to compete with similar offerings from Mc…

Southwest Salsa

It's my first week off of the summer. It's the first chance I've had to step in the kitchen and cook in 16 weeks. I missed the relaxing nature of slicing veggies, concocting aroma indulgent foods, and honing the skills, the art, of cooking which had been so much a part of my life up till going back to school a few years back.

This recipe, ironically, is influenced by one that came from a friend of a friend whom immediately refused to share it. I casually asked for it and was denied. I'm always fond of trying some one's salsa, after all I have a couple of my own. (wild, mild)
Eventually my friend snuck me a copy, and tonight I decided to try and make it. It does have cumin in it, to which I'm not a huge fan, but it's the cumin that gives it a southwestern flavor. Leave it in, or take it out, it's up to you. I think this really is a quite decent salsa either way. If you like "smokey" flavor, then cumin is your friend.

My modified version is a b…