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Banana Nut Muffins

When I originally wrote this recipe, it was to make a fat-free banana nut bread in a loaf pan. You can still make that recipe by using yogurt instead of the butter (both are posted below), however just by chance, Shannon decided to make this recipe as muffins, and they turned out marvelous.

 Of course we also use this recipe to make banana nut French toast by dipping slices in a mixture egg, nutmeg, and cinnamon, then frying.

Consequently bananas get sweeter as they ripen, so using overly-ripe bananas are often better than their fresh less ripe counterparts. If a banana starts to darken, place it in the freezer, and store till you're ready to use it your banana nut muffins.
Banana Nut Muffins Recipe Feel free to add some nuts or fruit for your own take on muffins. If you prefer to cook a traditional banana nut bread instead of muffins, then bake in a 4x8 bread pan and extend the bake time to 35-45 minutes. Ingredients:
2 cups flour (all-purpose or wheat)
1 cup of sugar
1/2 sti…

In-N-Out Spread Recipe

In 1948, Esther Snyder and her husband Harry opened up a tiny ten-square-foot burger shack in Baldwin Park, California. Their concept combined Harry's ability to obtain fresh market meats and garden vegetables, locally grown, with Esther's business skills. The concept, called In-N-Out, was a drive-thru concept designed to serve customers from their vehicles at breakneck speed. Their mantra "no delay" embodied the philosophy of fast, fresh and delicious burgers.

Clearly traditional condiments were too slow for In-N-Out's Double Double. Many diners at the time were serving up a what today is known as classic burger sauce. In-N-Out had their own take on the matter, and labeled it In-N-Out Spread. It's In-N-Out's secret sauce, and they put it on their burgers, and Animal Style French fries.

Many people think In-N-Out's sauce is just a re-incarnation of Thousand Island, but they'd be wrong. The other mistake is to use hot-dog relish. Has In-N-Out …

Tangy Salsa Fresca

Salsa appears to be a running theme here on Nosh. At last count there's over four different variations online. This one is very similar to the pico de gallo recipe I posted previously, but it has a few twists, it has tang. The secret ingredient, according to my mother-in-law from with which we derive the recipe, is V8 vegetable juice. Not normal V8, spicy hot V8, picante V8 juice.
Considering it's been like a decade since I had her salsa, and I rather loved it last time I had it, I Facebooked mom, and she sent me the recipe:

I have changed it a little bit. Now I use heirloom tomatoes too. Especially the small ones and the yellow pear mini. Onions yellow and white, tomatoes, garlic...garlic...garlic, cilantro,lemon juice, sea salt, pepper to taste, jalapeno pepper to taste. The secret ingredient is V8 picante. chop, dice, squeeze and eat! Sounded simple enough, but considering I'm on the East-coast, I found a bewildered produce associate at my local grocer who had never hea…