Tangy Salsa Fresca

Tangy Salsa Fresca
Salsa appears to be a running theme here on Nosh. At last count there's over four different variations online. This one is very similar to the pico de gallo recipe I posted previously, but it has a few twists, it has tang. The secret ingredient, according to my mother-in-law from with which we derive the recipe, is V8 vegetable juice. Not normal V8, spicy hot V8, picante V8 juice.

Considering it's been like a decade since I had her salsa, and I rather loved it last time I had it, I Facebooked mom, and she sent me the recipe:

I have changed it a little bit. Now I use heirloom tomatoes too. Especially the small ones and the yellow pear mini. Onions yellow and white, tomatoes, garlic...garlic...garlic, cilantro,lemon juice, sea salt, pepper to taste, jalapeno pepper to taste. The secret ingredient is V8 picante. chop, dice, squeeze and eat!
Sounded simple enough, but considering I'm on the East-coast, I found a bewildered produce associate at my local grocer who had never heard of "yeller turmados". So we did the next best thing, and bought three types of the tomatoes they did have (you of course can do the same). Grape tomatoes, Roma, and regular slicing tomatoes filled our basket.

Once we got home, it was pretty quick to come together. I dug the bottle of hot V8 from the pantry where it sat untouched for nearly three years when my mother-in-law bought it for me on her last visit. I looked at the expiration date and laughed at the memories of 2010. Of course you need not buy vintage V8, feel free to buy fresh.

The end results were a tangy salsa fresco, that pleased the entire family. We melted some cheese on chips and enjoyed some nachos fresco! Even better, I remembered to post the recipe to the blog to give you a chance to enjoy another family favorite.

Tangy Salsa Fresca
5-7 Tomato of various types
1/2 Yellow onion
1/2 White onion
3 cloves of garlic minced
3 heaping tablespoons of jalapenos and juice (or fresh if so desired)
2 cups of Spicy Hot V8 vegetable juice (also marketed as picante)
Fresh cilantro to taste.
Salt and pepper to taste. 
1. Cut and chop tomatoes and onions.
2. Mince garlic
3. Food process, or finely mince jalapenos.
4. Add all ingredients in bowl and mix.
5. Refrigerate for 20 minutes, and enjoy. 
Prep time: 30 min
Cook time: 0
Total time: 1 hr 30 min
Yield: 12 servings
Serving size:  1/4 cup

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