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Juicy Lucy | Cheese Stuffed Cheeseburger

Sometimes when I cook I know immediately that it's going on the website. Sometimes I'm just cooking for myself with no intention of writing about it. Such is the case here, with my morning creation of what's known in the gastronomy world as a Juicy Lucy, or a cheese stuffed cheeseburger.

It all started last night (technically this morning) at 1 AM. I wanted a burger. I asked Shannon if she'd like one, and she said I was fat, and just because we had started a new day didn't mean I could start my calorie allotment over. She sequestered me into the bed, promptly rolled over and went to sleep. Fast forward to 8 AM this morning, and I'm chopping up jalapenos, mushrooms and Swiss cheese for a breakfast burger of incredible proportions.

Of course I wouldn't have written about it if it wasn't good, but this Juicy Lucy with my own distinct take on it was incredible. You see I mixed the jalapenos and mushrooms into the meat. The capsaicin in the peppers opens your …