Roux Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

To make the perfect turkey you need the perfect male turkey
and the perfect female turkey. You then put them in a pen
 together with some romantic music and wait.
Thanksgiving, it's the holiday of gastronomy, a challenge that takes place in every kitchen in America to make the best Thanksgiving turkey. We sit around, our mouths watering with self-imposed fasting waiting to nosh on that slow cooked turkey, stuffing, rolls and tons of other food that goes with it. It's the one day a year where I risk everything as a diabetic and attempt to break out of the triple digits in my sugar readings.

I know there's a lot of people out there always trying to impress the family with the perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving. I also know there's a lot of different recipes out there, many which are good, but I have a secret for making the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. I learned this trick about ten years ago, and have never looked back since. It's a roux roasted Thanksgiving turkey recipe that's out of this world.

Who doesn't love Turkey with a crispy golden crust?
How To:
The method is very similar to a French Roux, in that you let the Turkey cook for awhile then extract the juices from the pan with a ladle or a turkey baster. Then mix in a pan with flour and your seasonings (salt and pepper, cayenne, paprika, garlic, etc.). Stir it all up with a fork and create a paste. Then brush it on the turkey with a brush. You should have tons of the roux paste left in your pan, save it. Then put your turkey back in the oven, bake some more, and then once that cooks awhile, repeat the process with the leftover roux. When you're done you should have a crispy outer layer on the turkey that holds in the turkey's juices and provides a seasoned crispy outer crust. It's absolutely amazing!

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