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Mitraillette Kebab | Lamb & Cheese Sub Sandwich

Some time ago, I wrote about the Sandwich Americain, a precursor to the sandwich I'm about to share with you. A sandwich that went viral on the net because of its massive proportions. Basically it's a mitraillette (translated as "machine gun") which is common in parts of Belgium and France. There's all different types, made with all different types of meats and sauces. I'll admit, most of the renditions are rather bad, composed of processed meat compounds (think Chicken McNuggets) in Brussels while I was there. Once exception was the friture at the Etterbeek station near the V.U.B. (the Flemish speaking university). Although even there, when they managed to use the real-beef, they failed to have salad (lettuce, tomato, and onion) to top it. It was still however one of my favorite hang-over cures.

Perhaps one of my most favorite foods there however, that rarely tended to be bad, was the doner kebabs. Lamb filled tortillas (pitas) with frites (fries) and salad…