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Happy Crepes Day! | La Chandeleur

Crepes, pancakes without leavening, the original European "tortilla", a wonderful edible wrapper to contain dinner and dessert. How is it America has survived (in general) so long without these wonderful delectable fried "pastries" from Brittany France?

One of the most popular methods of eating crepes is as a dessert, by placing everything from Nutella to fruit and cream in the crepe. However, it's common in France to put everything from frites (French fries) and cheese, to the full gamut of eggs, ham, salad, melted Gruyere. There's the pizza crepe, the hamburger crepe, even the Mexican burrito with salsa and beef rolled up in a crepe. Indeed if you're ever visiting the Eiffel Tower, walk across the street to the creperie (Oh! Regalade) and order one stuffed with fried eggs, fries, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. It's out of this world.

Considering it's National Crepe Day (otherwise known as Le Jour Des Crepes [2nd of February]) I tho…