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Chocolate and Peanut Butter Magic Cookie Bars

Americans! Americans tend to want it all. We want our cake and to eat it too. We want Europe in Florida led by some mouse, and to be queens and kings of our vacations. Disney has always been good at giving Americans just what they want, including cookies that don't just have chocolate chips, or nuts, but everything including the kitchen sink. They call it magic, I call it capitalism. Disney however,  didn't invent the Magic Cookie Bars that they serve at the Wilderness Lodge, they were just the first to invest in the ideals of gluttonous tourists willing to spend $7.50 on seven layer filled cookie bar. As we say in the South, "God bless their little hearts".

Because you're going to need a cardiologist when your done. Here's the thing, magic cookie bars are supposed to be bright and cheerful with M&Ms or Reese's Pieces, however you can put almost anything in them you want. Consider this is a DIY recipe for your own dream cookie bar. I'll give you …