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Castle Sauce Recipe

So a few weeks ago I'm shopping at my local farmers' market and discover this sauce called Boar and Castle Sauce. I was completely unaware at the time the maddening addiction some displaced Greensborian's (I live near Greensboro, N.C.) have over the stuff, nor the controversy over the original recipe and the clone that popped up in its absence a few years ago. Now a days both versions are sold, but very few consumers notice (or know that there's) a difference. What's hilarious is everyone is making the whole castle recipe thing a big deal, as if it is some super complicated sauce created through complex methods. It's not.

Being a cook and a foody I became very curious by the whole matter. Usually in these cases we find the answers are far simpler than most people think, and in this case it's no different. The fact that they're selling 13,000 bottle of it a year really goes to show you how far simply keeping your mouth shut, and not sharing your secrets…

Quick Quiche

It was the early eighties when my mother was shoe-boxing recipes from her magazines and television shows that I first had a quiche. Perhaps I should clarify? I had some American concoction of eggs over toast in a 13x9 pan which barely resembled quiche. Quiche was cool after all, so much so that it became a feminine symbol of the kitchen. Men now afraid of the new feminist French movement cowered in the corner together ridiculing any of their own who would eat such an abomination to the American diet. They even developed a slang term, the quiche-eater, as coined by author Bruce Feirstein in his book "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche".

I suppose I never quite knew what real quiche was until I started traveling to Europe. After spending a few nights in Amsterdam (oddly enough) and witnessing the madness and beauty of the French quiche (derived from the German word Kuchen, meaning cake), I decided right then and there to end my family's interpretation of quiche by trying somet…

Homemade Granola Bars Recipe

So I set out on a mission this weekend to make my own granola bars. The first batch tasted like a dystopian nightmare meal slop of pasty un-cooked oats. As with many recipes that find their way to my blog (or book) it often takes many incarnations before I get it right. While I do research other recipes, especially famous ones, I generally tend to find my own direction when making things, and because of it, I'm often rewarded with a better product. Obviously though sometimes you end up with some quite inedible prototypes.

For instance, I wanted to use marshmallows to bind the granola instead of corn-syrup or maple syrup. Both seemed unacceptable to me.

Eventually I found the right combination for some amazing granola.

The great news is you can put almost anything you want in these: candy, nuts, coconut. I went with chopped up Snicker bars, and chocolate chips. I could have just as easily substituted both those with healthier options like nuts, or peanut butter chips. Either way, …