How to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs with fresh mushrooms and bacon.
Scrambled eggs were one of the first things I ever learned to cook at home. The recipe was simple: butter, eggs, and milk- scrambled in a bowl, cooked over medium heat, and served with salt and pepper. Over the years I've heard tons of various, very adamant individuals (including professional chefs), declare their way is the only way to make scrambled eggs.

 Recently I caught Gordon Ramsay (who I generally love as a celebrity) profess cynicism and hate for anyone who doesn't make eggs like him. What he prepared was a half-wet, pile of egg crap that I wouldn't go near with a ten foot pole. Though admittedly I like his concept of a scrambled egg test being a prime determinant for you skills in the kitchen, he himself would probably fail if I was the judge (they looked horrible). His on-off heat, in-pan whisking seemed like an anal television chef tenderly touching his eggs before he molests them with his tongue. The whole thing creeped me out. I don't even bother to listen to Paula Deen, that woman's Crisco eggs must be spoiled by now.

Then of course there's the movie and television references. In Deep Blue Sea, L.L. Cool J's character exclaims milk is a mistake, and that water should be used instead for fluffy eggs (omelets).  In the French film Le Diner de Cons, Pignon uses beer in the eggs to impress the tax collector. Everyone it seems has their concept of the perfect eggs.

My favorite though came to me from Anthony Bourdain, and it's basically the same recipe I always started out with except for one twist: instead of using heavy cream or milk, I whisk my eggs with a giant dollop of sour cream. Here's how to have the perfect scrambled eggs:

Perfect Scrambled Eggs.
Not quite Hell's Kitchen, but close.
3 eggs (because everything good always comes in three)
1 dollop of sour cream
1 tablespoon of butter
salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a bowl, crack eggs and add sour cream and whisk vigorously (yes all together now).
  2. Over medium heat, melt butter in frying pan.
  3. Add eggs, continue to whisk till solid (I like mine just a smidgen wet)
  4. Salt and pepper to taste and serve.
Bourdain and I both love to add some green onion, or fresh mushrooms to the mix, even some chopped bacon prior to committing the above act of adding the eggs. Anyway you cut it, the sour cream is one of those "why didn't I think of that sooner" things that will become the only way to make eggs in the future. It's an instant OMG! Creamy, rich, delicious, oh-so perfect scrambled eggs. If you're like me, then you'll top your scrambled eggs with a bit of A-1 for that perfect breakfast.

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