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Wine and Beer on Food Stamps?

You can buy boat loads of candy: Snickers, Kit-Kats, Milky Ways. You can buy Twinkies (or you could), you can buy Nachos, Doritos, cheesy-poofs, and you can buy and feed your three year old Coca Cola till his eyes bleed, his stomach explodes. You can stuff the little tike with pre-processed, corn-syrup injected, artificially flavored pizza rolls till it dies of sudden death syndrome in your chubby little arms, but you can't buy wine or beer.

It seems obvious why we don't allow it, but are we simply passing judgement that individuals will use alcohol in place of nutritional food? Clearly, when you can purchase Red Bulls, mixes for Alcoholic drinks, and candy on food stamps, our argument is slowly eroded away. In fact, those who want to get buzzed from alcohol, are already doing so by making homemade moonshine, called Hooch or Pruno. Individuals buy the fruit on food-stamps and ferment it in their homes.

If the argument is that its a luxury item, and people on food stamps should…

How to cook corn on the cob.

I've been the victim of bad corn on the cob cooking many times. Admittedly, even in my house we sometimes in the past have cut corners and boiled corn on the cob which resulted in a semi-raw, but edible vegetable. Yet if you want really good corn, it's not done by boiling, grilling, steaming or other method, it's done by baking. This is how most restaurants cook their corn (e.g. KFC), and while it's a slow process, it produces kernels of corn that just fall off the cob in your mouth. It also works great when you have to cook for large groups, or prepare it ahead of time.

How it works is that we place the shucked corn in a 13x9 pan, fill it with chicken broth , add a stick of butter (optional), and place tin-foil over the top. The corn just sits and floats in the mixture just soaking up all of it over the course of two hours while constantly steaming it. The longer cook time breaks down the sugars in the corn, giving a sweeter, tastier corn.

I usually rotate the corn at…

Potato Bombs Recipe

A few days ago my mother came over and mentions she witnessed how to make potato bombs on television. My mind instantly jumps to the concept of mom becoming a Christian Jihadist and filling potatoes with shrapnel to take out her co-baby-boomers at the local YMCA senior bingo and bake-sale. As my fingers begin dialing the FBI, I realized she's talking about actual food and quietly wave my spouse to put away the straight jacket she's collecting from the closet (I have no idea why we have a straight jacket).

Potato Bombs are basically stuffed potatoes. You take a paring knife, hollow out the middle, stuff it as you please and then wrap the potato in bacon and bake it (or grill). The attempt illustrated in the photos here show that traditional method, however I have since tried deep frying the cored potato before stuffing and found it even more tasty. So far my favorite combination of potato bombs is stuffed with Velveeta cheese, but it's all up to you. It's so simple, I&…