How to Cook Pulled Pork BBQ

Why in the world has no one ever thought to add lettuce and tomato to a BBQ sandwich?

So I wouldn't say I've always been the biggest fan of Carolina BBQ. Actually, I've not been a big fan of BBQ at all, but that's beginning to change. My main hang-up all these years is how its served, because I don't like cole-slaw, and to me BBQ should have BBQ sauce.

This summer however I took a road-trip to Dallas, visiting some of the famous beef brisket smokers in Austin and trying lots of great food along the way. The trick is slow cooking the beef, which consequentially works just the same with pulled pork. I have been waiting to test it, and I finally did yesterday. The results were amazing, and the method is super easy.

Go grab a huge lump of pork shoulder or butt at your local supermarket. Bring it home, toss it in a 13x9 pan and smother it in pepper and salt (this is exactly how they do it in Austin). Turn the oven to 225-250F (no need to pre-heat), and bake.

My pork shoulder took 11 hour of cooking. I started it at midnight, went to bed, and it was ready at lunch the next day. The meat falls right off the bone. We tossed it in some BBQ sauce, placed it on some ciabatta, and added some tomato and lettuce. I know what you're thinking: sacrilegious, but I finally found the way I like my pulled pork BBQ.

Subsequently, this would also make some great carnitas and tamales.

Pork shoulder
Salt and pepper.


  1. Place in 13x9 pan
  2. Set oven to 250F (225 if your oven cooks fast)
  3. Set timer based on weight:
    1. 3-4 LB = 6 hours
    2. 5-7 LB = 11 hours
    3. 8-10 LB = 14 hours
    4. 10+ LB = 16 hours

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