Burger King's Mustard Whopper

There are some zingers in this ad, like: "nutritionally balanced
meal" or "weather controlled indoor dining".
Here's the question I'd love to know, why was the Whopper invented without mustard?

Was it economic, was it preference, why?

If you haven't figured it out yet, a Whopper, from Burger King includes mayonnaise and ketchup but not mustard. Clearly there must have been a reason, unless it was just the inventor's abhorred hatred of the yellow sauce?

So I'm sitting in Burger King today, about to order and I remember when I was a child, for a short-time they did have a Mustard Whopper. In fact, I was a bit opposite of my fictitious reasoning when I was a kid: I hated ketchup. So much so that dad had to convince me ketchup was Special Sauce, so he didn't have to special order every time I went to Burger King. This went on into my teen years when I asked for a Special Sauce burger and dad advised me it was simply ketchup.

So fast forward to today, I ordered a whopper and asked for some mustard packets. Ahhh.... my child-hood came back to me. Best darn Whopper I've ever had.

So when I returned home I Googled as to what happened to the Mustard Whopper, and apparently, according to the web- it still exists via secret menu. It replaces the mayo with mustard, making it a bit more calorie friendly.

Not only that but in France, there is a French Mustard Whopper, which our American luck does not allow us to partake in.

Normally I can figure out these food mysteries. Look at the data, like Insta-Burger's (BK's first name) financial troubles perhaps triggering the need for a cheap gimmick sandwich without the expensive cost of mustard, or that James McLamore, the inventor was from mustard covered New York before moving to Miami.... but in this case I really can't say why this sandwich is so so odd?

At this point, all the data leads me to believe- the man just hated mustard.

On that note, next time you pop by for a Whopper- Go mustard, and be amazed.

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