What to do with leftover pulled pork?

So I'm addicted to slow cooking pork (if you haven't figured that out), and I love just popping a shoulder of pork in the oven in the morning and coming home to great tasting food. The problem is, and likely the reason your reading this, is that after a few dozen of pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, you want something else. It's food-A.D.D. Like you, I scoured the web for answers, but most ideas were rather lame (like placing pork on baked potatoes). Then I had a thought, actually a couple: the first night we did Cubanos, but then I hit pay dirt with this exotic fast-food grub: durums. Why not make them into pita durums (also known as doner kebabs). Especially the kind like I eat in Belgium?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's basically a tortilla with french-fries, lettuce, tomato, and onions with Greek garlic sauce, and in this case shredded pork. I just added the durum seasoning in, fried some of the shreds up and assembled. They were delicious.

If you'd like the recipe, click here, and follow along substituting your shredded pork for the chicken.

Another option is chili. I take leftover turkey at Thanksgiving and turn it into chili, the same can be done with left over pulled pork.

What to do with leftover pulled pork?
  1. Cubanos
  2. Durums
  3. Chili 
  4. Tacos or Burritos.

In addition tacos, or burritos with shredded pork (or carnitas) (seasoned with this) can be a great new way to use leftover shredded pork.

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