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Chili's Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich

Chili's used to be about the only "box" restaurant I loved because the food was good, and the atmosphere was right. Today, it's been turned into a family restaurant with mostly crappy food and obnoxious decor. However, the chili, and this sandwich: Chili's Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich, still gives me a reason to go. I mean, why do people go to a restaurant called Chili's and not eat chili? So give me one of these, and a bowl of chili, and let me enjoy.

I love this sandwich because it combines the heat of buffalo chicken wings with creamy ranch sauce, together on a thrilling sandwich. You can also use this recipe to make wing style boneless chicken.

Make it even healthier by skipping the breading all together, and you'll realize the breading is more of a texture than a taste.

House-Autry brand chicken breader
boneless skinless chicken breasts or strips
Frank's original hot sauce
hamburger buns
lettuce and tomatoes
ranch dressing


Jack In The Box's Sourdough Jack Cheeseburger

This is one of those simple cheeseburger recipes that proves less is sometimes more. Your first inclination is to think “hey it has no toppings!!”, but try it. It's just the right flavors, it's simple and it's a burger that doesn't get drowned in condiments. Jack In The box got this one right.

You may find it interesting that sourdough bread was found to be more healthy than whole-wheat bread because of its leavening and its effects at controlling blood sugar according to the British Journal of Nutrition.

ground beef
pinch of onion powder
salt and pepper
sourdough bread
Swiss cheese

1. Take beef and form 4 patties and place on wax paper on top of a cutting board. Flatten meat till patties are an inches larger then your buns. Freeze patties for 10-15 minutes.
2. Take bread, slice (if necessary) and toast. Add a thin layer of mayonnaise.
3. Slice tomato.
4. Remove beef patties from freezer and cook with a pinch of sa…

Boston Cooler

If you've never heard of a Boston Cooler, then you've probably never spent much time in the Michigan or Ohio areas of the United States. It's much like a traditional root beer float, but it uses a regional drink from Detroit's Boston Boulevard known as Vernors. When I was sick as a child you drank Vernors. When you were thirsty, you drank Vernors. When you went to a restaurant but weren't old enough you drink alcohol, your drank Vernors, and when you were really good, you might get a Boston Cooler.

1 can of diet Vernor's ginger-ale
1 scoop of French vanilla ice-cream

 1. Take chilled can of Vernors and add 1 scoop of  ice cream.
 2. Enjoy!

QUICK FACTS: Vernors was invented in 1862 when pharmacist James Vernor left a medicinal blend of ginger, vanilla and spices in a oak cask and was called to duty as a soldier in the American civil war. Four years later, a thirsty, and surprised Vernor discovered his barrel aged drink had become the lege…

How to: Frisch's Big-Boy Sandwich at McDonald's.

Some of the greatest inventions of this world occur when its inventor least expects it. Today it happened for me. I'm lying in bed with a horrible headache, and then it hits me. I'm like, "Holy Crap", and in complete awe of myself; I run to the living room to double check no one on the Internet has thought of it before. Then I wonder, will they even do it? The answer it turns out, is yes. Yes you can get a Frisch's Big-Boy at McDonald's.

First a history lesson: I grew up a Frisch's Big-Boy restaurant in the back yard of my Grandmother's house in Toledo, and only get a chance to eat their world famous sandwich when occasionally someone dies, and we go back. With everyone dead already, I had but all but given up the sandwich which influenced the BigMac, figuring I'd never get to lay my tongue on a its two all-beef patties, double cheese, on a sesame seed bun with tartar sauce, Then I got the craving today. If the Big Mac and the Big-Boy sound vague…

Tarte Flambée

So I was rolling around the north of France last year, part of an art-history class, when we stopped for lunch in this little village, Madame, our teacher gave us an hour for lunch. Usually I was one of the first ones back on the bus, considering my affection for street food, and cheap lunches, however on this occasion things turned out different. This is the day I met Stefano and Kara. The three of us, well, instantly bonded, and we ended up at this little resto off-the-beaten-path, down a couple alleyways, whereby the locals, less the tourists, ate. Sure enough the food was fantastic, the conversation impeccable, and our friendship began over a little dish called tarte flambée. 

What is a tarte flambée you ask? Well in layman's terms, it's a thin crust pizza that utilizes crème fraîche instead of red pasta sauce (or marinara if you will). Much like its Italian counter-part you can choose to have as little as a-topping-or-two, to a plethora of of garden vegetables, meats and…