Boston Cooler

If you've never heard of a Boston Cooler, then you've probably never spent much time in the Michigan or Ohio areas of the United States. It's much like a traditional root beer float, but it uses a regional drink from Detroit's Boston Boulevard known as Vernors. When I was sick as a child you drank Vernors. When you were thirsty, you drank Vernors. When you went to a restaurant but weren't old enough you drink alcohol, your drank Vernors, and when you were really good, you might get a Boston Cooler.

1 can of diet Vernor's ginger-ale
1 scoop of French vanilla ice-cream

 1. Take chilled can of Vernors and add 1 scoop of  ice cream.
 2. Enjoy!

QUICK FACTS: Vernors was invented in 1862 when pharmacist James Vernor left a medicinal blend of ginger, vanilla and spices in a oak cask and was called to duty as a soldier in the American civil war. Four years later, a thirsty, and surprised Vernor discovered his barrel aged drink had become the legendary soft-drink which would later be known as Vernors.

SHOP AROUND: Search around, most urban areas with major food chains do have Vernors in the specialty soda section. Shop around. I've found it in every city I've lived in, but not in every store.

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