How to: Frisch's Big-Boy Sandwich at McDonald's.

Some of the greatest inventions of this world occur when its inventor least expects it. Today it happened for me. I'm lying in bed with a horrible headache, and then it hits me. I'm like, "Holy Crap", and in complete awe of myself; I run to the living room to double check no one on the Internet has thought of it before. Then I wonder, will they even do it? The answer it turns out, is yes. Yes you can get a Frisch's Big-Boy at McDonald's.

First a history lesson: I grew up a Frisch's Big-Boy restaurant in the back yard of my Grandmother's house in Toledo, and only get a chance to eat their world famous sandwich when occasionally someone dies, and we go back. With everyone dead already, I had but all but given up the sandwich which influenced the BigMac, figuring I'd never get to lay my tongue on a its two all-beef patties, double cheese, on a sesame seed bun with tartar sauce, Then I got the craving today. If the Big Mac and the Big-Boy sound vaguely similar it's because McDonald's created the Big Boy to conquer the more successful Big-Boy sandwich at the time. (though some would suggest the opposite is true, and I refute such claims) What was clearly a better sandwich got torn apart by some Microsoft dominated company, hell bent on marketing the heck out of their version of the sandwich. Today many of us have never had a real "Big-Boy", the real, and original "Big-Mac". So this makes this food modification, a bit ironic doesn't it?  The fact that you can go into any McDonald's, anywhere, even in London, and order a Big-Boy makes this just sweet, sweet vengeance.
Dave Frisch, who took over a well-established but conventional restaurant business from his dad in Cincinnati, met a fellow entrepreneur from Glendale, California, who had innovated a new way of cooking hamburgers -- two small patties instead of one cooked faster, and made a double-decker called "Big Boy®." This was in 1946. The "secret sauce" in the California Big Boy was Thousand Island salad dressing. Dave wasn't too fond of TI, so he used his own sauce, which was basically a blend of mayo, catsup, and pickle relish, known as tartar sauce and served in other Frisch's restaurants with fried fish.

Darn, why didn't I ever think of that? So you might have figured out how simple this is.

Order 1 Big=Mac, without Mac Sauce then say "add tartar sauce, please" !

Boom. Instant Big-Boy, anywhere in the entire McDonald's world (assuming they sell tartar sauce). It's the new, hip, and cool way to impress your friends.

I tested it today. Went to Mickey Do's and got exactly what I wanted. I was in bloody heaven! The receipt even showed that they have the option to minus and add those condiments. So, misplaced Ohioians everywhere, rejoice, salvation is here! Yes, I just pimped your Big Mac.

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