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Rustic French Stuffing

I've been wanting to try my hand at homemade stuffing for some time. Mom and dad got into a bit of a row over whether stuffing goes with ham for Christmas, and it made for a perfect opportunity for me and Shan to offer our skills. Unfortunately we had different views about preparing this dish. Shan tends to replicate recipes she sees on the web, then "free-style" it as she goes. I'm a bit different as I methodically research using known professional sources, then birth something new. This time we combined a little of both our ideas into our easy and fast Rustic French Stuffing recipe.

My main goal was to use baguettes (le pain francais) as the main bread source in the recipe. My thinking was that it was my favorite bread, therefore it would make a perfect bread for my favorite stuffing. Of course you can choose what type of bread you really want, or prefer. I ended up with three baguettes from my local high-end grocer. My hypothesis was that I could borrow some of t…

Little Caesar's Crazy Bread Recipe

Pizza! Pizza!
My father is notoriously cheap thrifty. He admits it, and in many ways I am too. Growing up in Oregon, Ohio, I don't ever remember eating the pricier Domino's, and only on occasion did we go to Pizza Hut. No, those restaurant were for the bourgeoisie of the Greater Toledo Area, and we slummed it with our coupons and Little Caesar's Pizza. Dad would drive half way across town to save a few dollars. Often when we had no coupon, he'd pretend to have forgotten it so the manager would give him the discount anyways. On one Halloween we were so poor, he bargained with the manager to throw in a free pumpkin. Little Caesar's on Starr Avenue was such a part of my childhood that I measured my growth by the first time I could see over the counter without standing on my tippy toes.

However, the pizza was never all that fascinating. It was the Crazy Bread that always made my day. In fact, we'd always get a bag of Crazy Bread, which dad and me would "sneak&…