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McDonald's Arch Deluxe Recipe

A few years back McDonald's tried to escape its Happy-Meal image of snotty children, playgrounds, and its image as a glorified day-care for burnt out parents. The new image was aimed at adults with commercials that often made fun of their target audience: the immature. Of course the image of a child pulling the pickles of their hamburger was a marketing failure, and most of the changes in menu choices were reversed. However The Arch Deluxe, despite being a financial disaster for McDo, became a cult favorite on the Internet. One of my friends stated this:
This was part of some new 'adult menu' (no, not the *brownchickenbrowncow* kind of "adult") designed by an executive chef which McDonald's introduced along with a massive ad campaign. Three sandwiches were released, a chicken, large fish, and the flagship: Arch Deluxe. All of which were advertised as catering to an older audience. I don't know if that was actually the case, because I loved the heck out o…

Original Tommy's Chili Recipe

I've now been to over eleven countries, and still today my favorite hamburger that I've ever tasted comes from a little restaurant in Los Angeles called Tommy's. "If you don't see the shack, take it back."- is their mantra, referring to the tiny red building on all their signs and homage to the original Tommy's location that this burger legend began from.

Named after its inventor: Tommy Koulax, the Tommy's Original chili cheese burger is as much of a part of Los Angeles as the Hollywood sign is. Indeed, the location on Hollywood Boulevard became my second home while living in Southern California. Tommy's is famous for one thing in particular: their chili. It's a robust, tangy combination of chili that's undeniable the world's best condiment chili. You can get it on a cheeseburger, french fries, or even a sausage breakfast sandwich in the morning; however, you can't get any of this if you don't live in California (or Vegas). Fo…