Bacon and Chip Butty

Like a skyscraper, my chip butty rises above the plate. 
You see, it's hard to come back to the States
 after living in Europe and not eat fries, aka chips
 and frits. The fact that Europe figured out the 
potato wasn't poisonous or pure evil (which
 they did at one time), literally saved many countries 
such as Belgium and England from starvation during
 droughts and war.

The Belgians put fries on everything. I can't count
 too many meals where I didn't have potatoes 
while living there. It's part of eating your veggies
 there. It's a health-plan, and a soul-food in one.

The English have their version, called a chip butty,
 which ranges from your basic fries on bread, to
 more extravagant versions. Today they're
 celebrated in song and at football matches.

If you're reading this from the U.S., you may have no idea what a butty is. A butty, is a genre of sandwiches in the U.K. that consists of one or two ingredients and are typically served as a hangover food. The term butty comes from the butter used on the bread which fries the bread (sort of like how we do grilled cheese here in America). There's sausage butties, bacon butties, or perhaps the most famous of them all, the chip butty (fry sandwich).While there are variations of the butty, the traditional standard is a buttered and grilled bread (sometimes called a BAP), fried chips (fries), and H.P. Sauce. I'm told a slice of tomato is permissible, and that some who stretch the limits of traditional British cuisine use mayonnaise too.

H.P. sauce is similar to our A1 in style, but vastly different in taste. Typically you can buy this sauce over the Internet or at your local World Market (or importer).

Of course the question comes up, if there is a bacon butty, and a chip butty, could there be a bacon and chip butty? But of course!


  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Bacon
  • Fries
  • HP Sauce
(optional: tomato, mayonnaise or a fried egg)
  1. Butter the bread, and fry face down till golden brown.
  2. Cook bacon, fry fries, assemble sandwich, and top with HP sauce.
Shannon, who was not a big fan of this gut-buster, suggested that we add lettuce to the sandwich to make a BLT. She also wanted to take off the fries. I suppose for some, you just can't get them to get over their American tendencies.

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