An Americanized Poutine Recipe

Traditional Poutine Recipe.
Poutine is a Canadian comfort food invented in Quebec in 1957, and is generally made with cheese curds and gravy. If you've never had Poutine then I can clearly tell you, that you've not lived. Cheese curds aren't the easiest thing to find in the U.S., however this recipe makes it super simple with traditional mozzarella cheese.

Remember, poutine can vary greatly and can include additional toppings like bacon, green onion, sausage, various cheeses, or even turkey and stuffing. It's up to you to figure out how far to go. If things aren't complicated enough, poutine can even have different gravies.
Sausage and bacon poutine. 

My first experience with authentic poutine was in London, Ontario from a little carnival trailer hidden in an alleyway. Typically it's an after-pub food served at casse-croƻtes (snack shacks), but it's become such an addiction in Canada that restaurant chains now serve it with a bottle of Guinness beer (La Fleur in Montreal). KFC purportedly has it on their secret menu. To keep it simple, here's a tiny little recipe that you can make in America when you sense the craving.


  • fries
  • Mozzarella cheese (the ball works great here!)
  • Au-Jus packet.
  • Salt and pepper
  • 3 Tablespoons of all purpose flour


  1. Fry your fries, season with iodized salt.
  2. Prepare au-jus per packet's instructions, adding flour to thicken.
  3. Cut cheese into .25" blocks placing it on fries.
  4. Pour liberal amounts of au-jus to fries and cheese, allowing cheese to partially melt.
  5. Season with black pepper, and enjoy!

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