When will the McRib be back? (Now! Thanks to this home recipe!)

Happiness from stickiness?
When will the McRib be back? Right now.

You can go and make one in your kitchen right at this very moment, and I'm about to tell you how. First you may be wondering exactly what is in the McRib. The comfort food sandwich is composed of a rib patty made with pork trimmings: pig tongue, heart, stomach. It was invented by a chef from Strasbourg, France (Does this make it high-culture?) and was designed to mimic Carolina BBQ. The original product development of the product was funded by a campaign of pork producers, and their donations to the National Pork Producers Council in 1981 to find a use for pork trimmings in the Fast Food industry which were previously thrown away or sold very cheaply.

My homemade McRib Recipe
Why isn't the McRib a full-time menu item? The answer is manly due to its popularity and the limited national supply of pork trimmings which aren't as common as their beef counterparts. It's also about cost. As large amounts of pork trimmings are purchased, the cost increases, and as a consequence the McRib says goodbye until prices come down to value menu prices again.

The hardest part of making a homemade McRib is obtaining the actual patties. Luckily there's a couple way to get a hold of one. I purchased mine from ALDI in North Carolina, under the brand name Bremer (BBQ Sauce and Boneless Shaped Patties). More commonly, you can source your patties from Banquet Boneless Pork Rib frozen dinners. They're about a $1 or so, and come with corn and mash potatoes. In either case, a bit of manual labor is necessary to convert these into McRib quality meats. Basically it involves rinsing the cooked patties over a colander in hot water to remove the horrible BBQ sauce that comes with the frozen meals (no really, Bremer what were you thinking?), so you can replace it with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (our McDonald's substitute). From there it's pretty self-explanatory, add some sliced onions, a few pickles, and warm in a microwave. Voila, your McRib whenever you want it. Honestly, I found my clone to be so close to the real thing that it was scary... scary delicious that is.

  • Bremer or Banquet brand BBQ Patties, cooked and rinsed.
  • Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ sauce
  • Split Hoagie rolls
  • Sliced onions
  • Dill pickles
  1. Cook patties per manufacture's instructions.
  2. Rinse BBQ sauce off under hot-water with a colander and tongs.
  3. Pour Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce in bowl, and dip patties in bowl, cover liberally.
  4. Place inside the buns.
  5. Top with two pickles and sliced onions (a few tablespoons).
  6. Place in microwave for about 30 seconds.

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