Authentic Homemade Tortillas

The Internet, unfortunately, is often wrong when it comes to authenticity. Recipes especially are often made up, wrong, or purposely altered, often with ignorance as to why a certain food has evolved (or merely is what it is). Let's be honest, some people don't belong in the kitchen, many more don't belong on the Internet. Give the world the Internet, and with it they will write a fable, rather than record the truth.

Tortilla recipes on the web are unfortunately horrible. Many include baking powder, which is completely incorrect (though they do make decent Gorditas). Another issue I've discovered, especially in relationship to Mexican food, is there is a lack of bona-fide Mexican recipes from Mexicans on the Internet. I'm not sure if they're keeping all the good stuff to themselves or not, but finding the real-deal on the net require lots of work, especially among numerous people on the web posting unintentional decoys.

Real authentic tortillas contain flour, lard, salt and water. Ask a Mexican and they'll tell you (famous chef Rick Bayless also agrees with me). My father-in-law swears that the very best tortillas are made with bacon fat. In Mexico, individuals will buy their tortillas from a tortillerĂ­a daily, similarly to the way you might pick up your bread from a bakery. Originally done by hand, today the process is a bit more automated. Historically, each tortilleria (and family) competed for the best recipe, which included varying amounts of these four ingredients.

Use wax paper or foil to compress the tortillas.
2 cups of all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons (heaping) of lard (or Crisco)
1 cup of water
1 teaspoon of salt
additional oil for frying (optional)

1. Place all ingredients in a bowl.
3. Knead dough till consistent and formed.
4. Create golf ball sized lumps of dough dough.
5. Press in tortilla press or with a rolling pin till they're super thin.
6. Fry or "toast" in a pan (cast-iron recommended).

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