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3 Meals a Day is a lie.

Can a lie be made that so many people believe in it, that the truth destroys us?

Three meals a day is a myth, a lie decided as fact, because it's what you want to believe, and because capitalism teaches us to eat as much as we can without killing the consumer.

I realize that many people are going to be very offended by that. The truth is, why you're fat, why I'm fat, really does come down to the fact we eat too much. We may try to justify our habits, blaming society or our metabolism, but the truth is, we're just eating too much, too often. However, even that modern cliche (calories in, calories out) is a bit of a fib. In fact, the way we've been brought up, the way in which most of us believe is, even if we're going to diet, a person must eat less, but yet we must continue to eat three or more meals. Yet if you take a look at eating habits of thin people, even in overweight societies (USA, U.K., Mexico), you discover something very interesting. Most thin peop…