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Sheffield Sandwich (Pork and Stuffing on a bun)

Another recipe learned while abroad was the "Sheffield" shredded pork and stuffing sandwiches. I had the joy of visiting the Riverside Winter Street-Food Market in Cardiff with some friends (Does that make it a Cardiff pork sandwich?). That's where I happened upon this oddity. It's interesting in that it takes normal ingredients and combines them into a rather unusual combination of a sandwich. Simply put it's pulled pork, stuffing, and for those who embrace authenticity, apple sauce, all on a bread bun.

So I'm told, these sandwiches originate from a shop in Sheffield which has been selling this combination of flavors for the last fifty years. If you're a bit offish to the apple sauce (I am), I found many in the queue ordering the sandwich without it (as did I). I'm also told the best way to enjoy the sandwich is by dipping it in the drippings, but I found simply the stuffing and pork enjoyable too.

I recreated this masterpiece of a sandwich for fam…

Baked Potato Salad Bowls

So I'm back in the U.S. after a few months abroad in Cardiff. I'm glad to be back in my home kitchen though I know that soon I'll be glad to get back to Wales. Unlike my accommodations there, where I rarely cook, I find myself home for the holidays, back behind the oven making some new dishes I learned while abroad. What really amazes me about British cooking is the new ways which food is often combined. For instance, in this case, it's nothing unusual, it's just baked potatoes (jacket potatoes) and salad. However, they're combined in an entirely new way. It's one of those, why-didn't-I-think-of-that dishes.

Thanks to Chef Tom Kerridge for the idea, because they were a hit with everyone when I baked some up the other day. The trick is to take your baked potato, scoop out the insides, line it with melted cheese, place your salad on the inside, then add some real chopped bacon to the top to garnish. You can't go wrong with this one. Next time, I migh…