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The Dogfather - A Pizza Hot-Dog

When you travel everything changes. It changes your perspective of things. Take for instance the humble hot-dog, a rather traditional American masterpiece. We take it for granted in America. We assume a standard in the U.S., though it does vary by region. In the South, we love our hot-dogs with mustard, chili, onions, and coleslaw. However, Europe has been taking things to the next level. Take for instance Hop Dogs in Brussels, who uses beer fermented sausage, or Wales based Hogwurst who puts pulled pork on their hot-dogs (among many other interesting combinations).

I've been working with Hogwurst lately to develop a digital campaign around their restaurant, but I'm also a customer. I've been living in Cardiff for the last nine months, and a couple of nights ago after a grueling day of academia, my friend Ish and myself, popped in to try their new DogFather creation. That's when I had an aha! moment. The owner, Hoa, and his staff made me completely rethink hot dogs.


Alternatives to soda: infused fruit water

Trying to drop the habit of fizzy pop, but don't quite like the taste of water? Try infusing water with fruit. Simply slice a few slices of your favorite fruits, pop it in a bottle or jar, add some (optionally) Splenda (or sugar, or honey), and let it sit for a bit. What you end up with is rather healthy, but good alternative to soda. It tastes great, it's refreshing, and it looks pretty.

Better yet, infused water is low in sugar (unlike juice), and it contains minerals and vitamins. I won't lie to you, it's not a Coke, but its way better than a bottled water, and is quite a conversation piece in the boardroom.

A few tips.
The sweeter the fruit, the sweeter the drink. Wash the fruit well to rid of chemicals on the peel.Some people prefer to squeeze the juice of each piece of fruit to extract all its goodness before placing it in the cup.Use the rule of three, choosing three fruits to balance out the flavours. Ideally, something with zest (like lemon), something sweet (…