The Dogfather - A Pizza Hot-Dog

Sometimes crazy is good. The Dogfather is crazy good.
When you travel everything changes. It changes your perspective of things. Take for instance the humble hot-dog, a rather traditional American masterpiece. We take it for granted in America. We assume a standard in the U.S., though it does vary by region. In the South, we love our hot-dogs with mustard, chili, onions, and coleslaw. However, Europe has been taking things to the next level. Take for instance Hop Dogs in Brussels, who uses beer fermented sausage, or Wales based Hogwurst who puts pulled pork on their hot-dogs (among many other interesting combinations).

I've been working with Hogwurst lately to develop a digital campaign around their restaurant, but I'm also a customer. I've been living in Cardiff for the last nine months, and a couple of nights ago after a grueling day of academia, my friend Ish and myself, popped in to try their new DogFather creation. That's when I had an aha! moment. The owner, Hoa, and his staff made me completely rethink hot dogs.

It's basically their stock, gourmet hot-dog (using quality frankfurters), but they've gone Italian. They've basically created a pizza hot-dog,  which is rather genius considering the popularity of the pizza genre, especially among students here. This could be a cult favorite in my humble opinion. For myself it made me question every hot-dog I've ever ate. I'll still always be a fan of my L.A. favorite, Pink's, but it's a genuine rethink of what is commonly thought of a boring mundane food by most of the world. By adding pepperoni, marinara, cheese, onions and green peppers, in lieu of traditional toppings, what you get is an amazing new dish worthy of sharing here online.  Want to make your own? Here's how, but if you're ever in Cardiff, drop by Hogwurst and try one of my new favorites.


  • Hot-dog(s) 
  • Hot-dog bun(s)
  • Marinara
  • Shredded Mozzarella cheese
  • Grilled pepperoni
  • Chopped onion
  • Chopped pepper
  • Crushed Doritos.
  1. Grill the pepperoni, prepare the marina, and chop your veggies.
  2. Assemble as expected, garnishing with crushed Doritos and siding with a dill pickle.


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