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Zero Carb Pizza Bake

Let's be frank, there's no point trying to make a pizza with a crust if you're trying to eliminated bread from your diet (e.g. ketogenic diet). Sure there are pseudo recipes made from cream cheese and what-not, and sure they look like pizza, but honestly, nothing is going to ever come close to the real thing. I mean what's the point of complicating everything by adding unnecessary calories when you're craving pizza? What if you can satisfy the flavor craving without making a mockery of pizza?

So I put forth an idea which has worked for me. Stop trying to imitate and innovate. If I want a darn slice of real pizza, I'll go have it. However, what I've found is not that I really miss actual real pizza, but I miss the idea of it. The idea of coming home, putting on  a movie, ordering pizza and relaxing on a Sunday night. Sure... I overindulge, I love the flavors of cheese, vegetables and meats. So, what if you could have all this, still be almost zero carbs and…

Low Carb Protein Pancakes

A month ago or so I was working in the basement of the Bute Building somewhere in Cardiff Wales, writing my dissertation. I was working with some of the most brillant minds in public relations and communications, pulling twelve hour days to get the work done. Each morning we'd enter the room and turn on the projector to watch the news as we worked. We'd rotate between our home countries, Bulgaria, Greece, India and the U.S.A. as we shared our cultures with each other. It became a running joke about Americans when CNN played back to back pancake commercials for weeks on end. Delicious stacks of Ihop pancakes, topped with butter and steaming syrup dripping off the sides. Since June I've been eating carbohydrate free, so this self inflicted torture made me lust for a plate of maple syrup covered pancakes. This was made worse by the fact I had ran out of money and was limited to about £2 a day to eat on. As I munched on a boiled egg and a few olives, I sat there zombified sta…

Cheese Keto Chips

Recently, I stopped eating carbohydrates or sugar. Honestly, I was never a big fan of chips or crisps prior to my new regime, but I truly did miss getting nachos at the movies with friends. Of course some of it was that CineWorld in Cardiff was one of the few places you could get a pile of jalapeno peppers and cheese. Considering hot foods are rare in Wales, this was are single refuge for our spicy addiction. Sadly, I never figured out while living there that I could make my own chips from cheese. I'm quite sure I would have smuggled some in if I had.

For those who follow a ketogenic diet or if you just really like cheese, then these are the perfect replacement for traditional chips. Depending on the cheese you use, they have zero carbs. They taste amazing and are pretty simple too. Just take some shredded cheese (like cheddar), put a thin layer of cheese on parchment paper on a plate and microwave between 2 to 4 minutes. In my small 700w microwave, I cook it for four minutes. Up…