Cheese Keto Chips

Recently, I stopped eating carbohydrates or sugar. Honestly, I was never a big fan of chips or crisps prior to my new regime, but I truly did miss getting nachos at the movies with friends. Of course some of it was that CineWorld in Cardiff was one of the few places you could get a pile of jalapeno peppers and cheese. Considering hot foods are rare in Wales, this was are single refuge for our spicy addiction. Sadly, I never figured out while living there that I could make my own chips from cheese. I'm quite sure I would have smuggled some in if I had.

For those who follow a ketogenic diet or if you just really like cheese, then these are the perfect replacement for traditional chips. Depending on the cheese you use, they have zero carbs. They taste amazing and are pretty simple too. Just take some shredded cheese (like cheddar), put a thin layer of cheese on parchment paper on a plate and microwave between 2 to 4 minutes. In my small 700w microwave, I cook it for four minutes. Upon completion, allow the cheese to cool, peel the parchment paper away and break into chips. I top mine with some jalapenos, salsa and sour cream for a tasty plate of nachos.

Keto Chips

  • 1/4 cup of cheese, shredded (approx.).
  1. Shred cheese.
  2. Place on plate with parchment paper.
  3. Microwave approx. 2 to 4 minutes
  4. Allow to cool, peel parchment paper and then break into chips.

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