Zero Carb Pizza Bake

Let's be frank, there's no point trying to make a pizza with a crust if you're trying to eliminated bread from your diet (e.g. ketogenic diet). Sure there are pseudo recipes made from cream cheese and what-not, and sure they look like pizza, but honestly, nothing is going to ever come close to the real thing. I mean what's the point of complicating everything by adding unnecessary calories when you're craving pizza? What if you can satisfy the flavor craving without making a mockery of pizza?

So I put forth an idea which has worked for me. Stop trying to imitate and innovate. If I want a darn slice of real pizza, I'll go have it. However, what I've found is not that I really miss actual real pizza, but I miss the idea of it. The idea of coming home, putting on  a movie, ordering pizza and relaxing on a Sunday night. Sure... I overindulge, I love the flavors of cheese, vegetables and meats. So, what if you could have all this, still be almost zero carbs and not have to settle for something that imitates reality? What if we create something entirely new with all the good things of pizza and simply forget about the bread? Would we live to see another day? Of course we would! Trust me when I say, this fits all my needs with none of the guilt.

 It's super simple, and while it does have carbs (because everything has carbs), it doesn't try to make fake crust. So what is it? Let's call it a deep dish pizza bake (think of it like a pizza lasagna). Of course, you can top it how you like but it's pretty simple. Cook you meats, cut your veggies, toss it into a 13x9 and bake. When it comes out of the oven you will have a rectangle of pizza goodness that will satisfy your cravings. Here's how I do my deluxe version:


1 lb sausage
1 lb bacon
1 lb shredded mozzarella cheese
8 oz of additional cheese
1 green pepper
1 red onion
1 small can of black peppers
1 small carton of fresh mushrooms.
1-2 cups of Wild Oats Organic Parmesan and Romano Pasta sauce.

1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon of onion powder
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/16 teaspoon of black pepper
1/16 teaspoon of oregano

  1. Preheat oven to 375 F.
  2. Cook bacon and sausage, drain and crumble.
  3. Slice and dice veggies
  4. Optionally you can par-cook the veggies to reduce water content*.
  5. Take giant bowl, add all ingredients except sauce and mix.
  6. Pour into 13x9 pan, top with sauce.
  7. Top with 8 oz of additional cheese
  8. Bake till golden brown own top (30-45 minutes)
  9. Place some shaky parmesan cheese on top and allow to cool.
*Notes: I do find that fresh vegetable tend to have lots of moisture. Cooking them ahead of time improves the final product.

**Alternatively, I do a version with chicken breasts bites, jalapenos and pepperoni which I highly recommend.

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