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Homemade Cough Syrup (Kadha)

Recently, what appeared to be the zombie apocalypse hit my house. A persistant dry cough began to echo the halls of my humble abode and nothing seemed to cure it. Worse yet, one night we ran out of Nyquil. What to do? Having just returned from a year abroad, where I lived among a plethora of international students, I remembered a friend from China advising me that I should boil some Coca Cola and ginger-root to cure a previous cold I had.
Unfortunately, I don't drink Coke and had no ginger root on hand (but it is a real thing). I did have a fully stocked kitchen with almost every seasoning known to mankind. I also have lots of friends in low places and after a few hours of work, I tracked down exactly what I needed for my own ancient Kadha cough syrup. Sip it as a tea or down it like a shot (might want to have a chaser on hand), yes it tastes horrible (but so does Tylenol) but it does work (no really, like seriously). Of course you could mix it with a cup of tea or orange juice,…