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KFC's Chizza Recipe

Pizza is definitely a weakness for me. Yet, I find it stunning that I've eaten very little of it since June. Except from a small pizza from Café Citta in Cardiff to celebrate finishing my dissertation and a single piece one night while writing it, I've been pizza "free" since June. To be honest, I'm okay with it. I've figured out lots of great alternatives, like stuffed Portobello mushrooms and pizza bakes (bowls).

Recently, some friends began clamouring about KFC bringing Chizza to India (it's been in the Philippines for some time). Instantly, I was intrigued. Apparently, KFC doesn't feel the need to bring it to America quite yet. What is this Chizza I wondered! As you may have figured out, it's fried chicken topped like a pizza. Sounds amazing, yaaa?

Of course, instantly I begin contemplating how I can have this on my current regime, one in which requires me not to have breading (or bread). So I freaked out a bit. I've made fried chicken be…