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Don't touch your eyes: Spicy Karahi Paneer or Chicken

It's Makar Sankranti and we're making spicy karahi paneer to celebrate.

This is my favorite Indian dish though I'm told by friends it may not be strictly Indian (though I did find it referenced as Punjabi online). Furthermore, there's tons of recipes on the web, and I'm told everyone has their own take on it. I first had this dish in Cardiff and it was simply called Chili Paneer (apparently though, that's a whole other dish). Paneer is sort of like a less sweet mozzarella cheese that is typically fried in cubes. Here in the U.S., I've found this dish called Karahi Paneer or Kadai Paneer. I'll admit, I pretty much nailed this recipe from what I remember of it in Cardiff. I've learned to order my dishes "Indian hot" with a "yes I'm certain" when ordering it because, if not, you're likely to get the white girl version of the dish, without the kick. That said, adjust your peppers here if you're not a capsicum fan.

I just …