Becky Jack's Buffalo Blue Cheese Tacos

A few weeks ago I found myself on the Gulf Coast, in my Mustang with the top down and not a worry in the world. A few miles from the beach at Weeki Wachee there's a little shack of a restaurant with outdoor seating serving up beers and tacos. There's a painted up car with surfboards that serves as the sign and a fire rages in a pit a few yards from the umbrella tables. It's everything you've imagined from the Sunshine State, and after a long day of swimming with the Manatees and the Mermaid's of Weeki Wachee it was heaven.

I ordered up their buffalo and blue cheese tacos that were so good, I came home and made them. They're super simple too. Chicken, buffalo sauce and some blue cheese crumbles. Add some salad in a tortilla, grab a Corona and sit back and relax. They're super delish, quite healthy and satisfy those of us who want it all.

If you find yourself just north of Tampa, drop in at Beck Jack's... you won't regret it.

Shopping list (ingredients)
Chicken breasts
Buffalo sauce
Blue Cheese crumbles
A bit of oil

Spices: onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne, salt and pepper

  1. Season chicken with equal amounts of onion and garlic powder, cayenne, salt and pepper.
  2. Bake (375F), fry or grill your chicken breasts and cut into chunks (or cut first and ask questions later).
  3. Fry your tortillas in a bit of oil on a cast iron skillet
  4. Add chicken and buffalo sauce in bowl and cover generously
  5. Top tortilla with chicken, cheese and salad.

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