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A Better Spanish Tortilla

About two months ago I landed in southern France and went for a walk. That walk ended up taking me over 620 kilometers on the Camino de Santiago, a traditional (and one of the oldest) religious pilgrimages from Saint Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago de Compostella, Spain. Each day I'd wake up and walk approximately 20-35 kilometers. It's all fun at first, eating bocadillas (sandwiches), Spanish tortillas and drinking cafe con leches but then after about the millionth time it gets old. Soon you salivate at the idea of a burrito, a real burger, or something, anything that doesn't end in 'illa'. Most of the food that pilgrims are given is mediocre (often overpriced) at best, served from pubs or tiny tiendas. Occasionally, it may be exceptional but after 34 days in Spain, I was ready to come home and eat something else. So it's a complete surprise to me that only a few weeks after landing stateside I'm making a Spanish tortilla at home. Arguably, mine is …