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Kombucha: Fuzzy Feet Juice? + GT's Synergy recipe

Kombucha is an ancient, effervescent, fermented tea with an acquired taste. Thought to have been created in Asia, anywhere from 200 to 2000 years ago. Nowadays, the hipsters of new have clamored to the drink, claiming that it cures cancer and generates rainbows. I enjoy it because it's a way to get
carbonation and flavor for less than conventional fizzy drinks. On top of that, it's a probiotic.

Do you remember the first time you tried sipping coffee? More than likely, unless you had converted the coffee into a creamer cocktail, you probably thought it was disgusting. Maybe you tried it again after a while or drank it just for the caffeine. Slowly you learned to tolerate, and maybe even enjoy what you once thought putrid and miserable. While that sounds like a deep, existential crisis-inducing metaphor for life, it's certainly how myself and others started liking kombucha.

I first drank kombucha after seeing a bottle of GT's in a store and figured I'd give it a sho…