Nosh for Students

If this is your idea of cooking, then you might need a little bit of help.

Being a student isn't easy. When you're broke, starving and in need of quick, healthy food we're here to help. I lived off noodles, eggs and meat from Poundland while doing by graduate degree in the U.K.- I know what's it's like. In my opinion, you shouldn't have to pay for a cookbook when you're already indebted in college loans.

So, here's some fun free e-books (most in PDF form) and resources, in addition to the hundreds of recipes on to help your poor student get off to the right start. You can download them for free and send them via email, or simply send them a link to this page.

Missing home? Maybe some International recipes to help?
Definition of Nosh 

 NOSH (Noun) : [singular] \ˈnäsh\  Food.
“The pub has great nosh.”

 NOSHING (Verb) :  Eating
“Noshing on a cheeseburger!”

 NOSH UP (Noun) : [singular] A large satisfying, excellent meal.
 “That was a stellar nosh-up!”

 POSH NOSH (Noun) : [singular] 1. A fine, elegant meal.
 “He took me to the movies and then a posh nosh.”

 Etymology: Yiddish nashn, from Middle High German naschen to eat on the sly.

Noshing on some Belgian Frits!


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